Deb is extremely passionate about baking and it shows in her work. 

The business originated as a childhood dream of Deb's to one day own a bakery. The dream started coming to fruition after countless team mom dinners, schooling events, and birthdays earned Deb the proper confidence to double down on the dream. Everybody seemed to love her cookies and cupcakes so why not give it a try?

After a few years of selling baked goods from home under a cottage license, Deb decided to get a brick and mortar bakery and cafe in Imperial Beach, CA. 

3 years of hard work and dedication led to what we have now as a soul bakery. Dedicated to Deb's cookies, cupcakes, and many other wondrous creations tempting tastebuds. 

Located at 668 10th Street alongside her husband's printing business can these decadent delights be found.